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Ecole Riant-Pré - architecte Lausanne 02

Construction of a VD2 school and sports hall in Riant-Pré at Lausanne

1st Prize Competition open SIA

The school is strategically located in the "centre of gravity" of the site. It thus plays the role of pivotal building which characterizes three courtyards and connects them, thanks to the covered courtyard, which it shelters on its ground floor. The building assumes the character of a public building, which maintains relations with its environment and detaches itself from the rules of establishment specific to the domestic architecture of the district. The covered courtyard is therefore thought of as a place for linking all the outdoor spaces, as well as a connection to the other buildings of the college, such as the APEMS, the crèche, but also at the scale of the district. This meeting space is qualified by a bird's eye view of the sports hall and direct access to the various entrance halls.

In order to meet ecological objectives and reduce

deadlines, we opted for a wooden structure "placed" on a concrete base, which develops on the lower levels. The use of local materials reduces the ecological footprint of the construction. Prefabrication in the workshop makes it possible to limit the assembly time on site. This constructive strategy generates a dichotomy between the expression of the work in its relationship to the ground and in its relationship to the sky. The polished concrete base gives the building its solid, durable character in its relationship to the public space. The facades of the floors are clad in wood whose changing light of the seasons reveals the elegant complexity and warmth. Inside, this material gives a domestic dimension to spaces and allows personal appropriation by users. 

Architect: A&F architectes sàrl

Structural engineer:Bosses & Associates

Works management: Regtec sa

CVS Engineer:Weinmann Energies nv

Electrical Engineer:Betelec sa

Landscaper:Monnier landscape architecture

Video: Roman Kaelin

Photography :FEDERAL Studio


A&F architects collaborators: Mehdi Aouabed,

Alberto Figuccio, Edmond Pialoux, Léopold Commont, Vincent Caussignac, Tommaso Clement.

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