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Construction of housing and a IEPA Collex-Bossy (GE)

1st Prize Competition on selection SIA

The site is in a situation of transition between the village center and the agricultural zone. The construction of housing constitutes an extension of the village, which has the responsibility of enhancing its intrinsic qualities. The village is organized in a sequence starting from La Ruemineral, then La Cour, where the institutions, welcoming the public, are organized around meeting places, mineral but wooded. And finally, the orchards, intended to accommodate the accommodation.  The organization of access to the perimeter of the plot will reinforce the character of the pavilions placed in a preserved orchard. Then comes the agricultural zone. Thus the treatment of the soil gradually shifts from mineral to all-vegetal.

We propose to maximize the supply of housing while respecting the village character of the site. This balance between high density and visual impact guided our decisions in terms of layout, typologies and architectural expression.

The dwellings, articulated in three parts, allow the construction to be visually fragmented into elements of suitable dimensions and to centralize the distribution. We have proposed a new "gate" to the village in continuity with the existing meeting places, by extending La Cour and its wooded mineral treatment.


Architect: A&F architects

Landscaper: Monnier landscape architecture

Works management: Regtec sa

Images: A&F architects

A&F architects collaborators: Mehdi Aouabed, Alberto Figuccio, Vincent Caussignac, Tommaso Clement.

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