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architecte Genève HEIG-VD

Construction of the new HEIG_VD entrance in Yverdon-les-Bains 

1st Prize Competition on selection SIA

The project proposes to use the framework of the artistic animation to create the main entrance of the school, which is not identifiable to date. The objectives pursued are the following :

- Establish a main pedestrian entrance to the school, clearly identifiable

- Activate the unused terraces of the school to integrate them into the entrance route.

- integrate signage that is visible from the public space

- reflect the particular questions taught within the school, through the choices of materialization

- create a unique meeting place, a spatial sequence allowing users to meet and meet there.

By extending the curve of the existing building, the intervention generates both an entrance pavilion in the axis leading to the main courtyard of the school, an outdoor foyer for the Aula, as well as a monumental facade which delimits clearly the school grounds and affirms its identity.

The device is functional because it makes it possible to enhance the unused terraces to qualitatively upset their status and create new paths. The wall is made of cast-in-place concrete, like the existing building. The upper part is made up of a multitude of coffers or mineralized pixels, which refer to the molding of the building and make it possible to register HEIG-VD by means of stained glass. On the other hand, the curve and molding of the caissons refer to one of the oldest uses of concrete from Roman antiquity, and thus directly address one of the research activities within the school.

Facing the entrance door is the ideal vantage point to read the anamorphosis, un disquebleu framed in the square door. This form, visible in_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58from a single point of view, replays the architectural gesture of the entrance which extends the circle of the Aula. This sculpture/painting uses perspective and breaks up according to the movements of the user, offering the entrance space the possibility of an elsewhere.


Architect :A&F architects

Structure :Muttoni and Fernandez Engineers

Works management: A&F architectes sàrl

Artist :Delphine Renault

Video: Roman Kaelin

Photography: Mehdi AOUABEDl

A&F architects collaborators: Mehdi Aouabed,

Alberto Figuccio, Tommaso Clement, Vincent Caussignac, Marco Zambrino

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